Derek (surfer_punk) wrote,

boring... comment hahaha
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bitch u need to talk to me


December 10 2004, 04:51:50 UTC 12 years ago

"Hello my name is Mr.Carrot.. I smoke weed. I'm fucking cool. I fuck all of these girls and almost get hit by cars on my way home."

Derek, your a fucking queer man, get a life.


December 19 2004, 05:25:07 UTC 12 years ago

screw you he's cool
HAHAHA budda ahhh fuck u... u fuking white trash bitch! suck a big fat juicy german asian cock bitch! yes i am talknig about your lover EDWARD! budda hates you too! and so does david! yea budda right fuck u and your freee will! your mom is prob fat as budda! hahaha i got people to prove it! okay bye bitch! and dont have a nice day and fall down your 1 stair! ass